SEO (search engine optimization) Training

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of getting your targeted traffic (Audians) to a website from a search engine’s organic (free) rankings.

For example: if you reading this article and visit my website from a Search engine( google, yahoo etc) means I did my website SEO as well.😎

best institute for digital marketing in sikar
digital marketing training institute in sikar

Hows SEO helps to boost your career opportunities or Improve your business sales and leads.

For Student and job seekers:

📌Wide range of job opportunities

best digital marketing course in sikar

(note: this number is for one and or a week data, a yearly data is maybe 10 times multiple means year SEO jobs in India more than 1 lac )

📌 every business/ industry need SEO

📌SEO opportunities as a Freelance

📌Become A Blogger/ YouTuber and SEO expert

📌Great Future Scope in SEO

for Business owner :

📌Get more, free and target traffic (Audians) on your website. (landing page, youtube channel, blog and product page etc).

📌It’s Always Free Performable

📌You can analysis your website SEO performance and improve better ROI (return of investment).

📌 Start SEO for your business 

📌 SEO can Builds Trust & Brand

📌 You can move your business on the internet or sale online.

What would you learn in this SEO Course in Sikar:-

Basic of SEO

📌What is SEO?

📌What is local SEO?

📌Hows SEO work?

📌How to rank your website in Search engine. (Google, Yahoo, Bing etc).

📌Search engine algorithms.

📌how to index and crawl the website in Search engine.

📌what is SERP and hows its work?

📌On the page SEO and Off the page SEO.

SEO tools :

📌keyword research tools.

📌google webmasters


📌and much more


📌What is the keyword?

📌how to research keywords?

📌types of keywords.

📌competitor analysis.

Business starter

📌how to pick a domain

📌domain authority and page authority



📌domain and page issue

📌website bad request

📌Google penalty


Content writing

📌How to write effective content?

📌content Architecture

📌Alt attributes


📌keyword distribution

📌title writing

📌keyword density

📌Mobile SEO Optimization

What is SEO course duration and fees:

plan for digitally, Sikar offer you a complete digital marketing course, three months is the course duration and for know fees than visit over the home page.if you want to know more then feel free to contact us.we will happy to help you.😀

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