What is digital marketing and how they enhance your career opportunities


Hi! there, My name is Sanket Singh and I am a digital marketing trainer. if are you looking career opportunities in digital marketing and you want to know, how to grab jobs in digital marketing then believe me you’re reading the right article.

first of all, you should know what is digital marketing in the right way.

here I write 4 definitions of digital marketing

1. digital marketing is also known as internet marketing or online marketing, kind of marketing we can do through the internet called digital marketing.

2. Digital(intenet)+marketing(promotion)=Digital marketing.

3. Apart from this, we can also say that all kind of promotion done with the internet is known as digital marketing.

4. Any type of marketing for products or services that use the internet.

okay, now the question arises which is the market that we do with the internet. (or types of digital marketing)

1. SEO(search engine optimization):
drive your Audians/viewers/traffic from search engine to your landing page, with free, knows as SEO. 
landing page can be a website, mobile app store, youtube channel or any social media page.
for example your reading this article and if you came from google to here means I drive you to google to here and you’re my audience. I did SEO for this website as well.

2. Search Engine Marketing and Pay-Per-Click Advertising:

PPC marketing is a paid marketing.there you should pay for every click or you should pay for getting traffic on your landing page.
PPC tools:-google Ad(search and display), bing Ad, Social media marketing Ads.

3. Social media marketing:-
By today you know that social media is an important part of your marketing strategy. with the help of social media marketing, you can gain more reach and engagement if you post quality content.

4. Content Marketing:
most of the digital marketer uses a quote “content is king” Digital marketing revolves around your contact.without a quality content not possible to get success in digital marketing. Quality content can generate sales and leads.

5. Affiliate marketing:
 Affiliate marketing refers to commission marketing. if you selling any third-party product or service with your sources, like your website or your youtube channel and you get a fix commission to know Affiliate marketing .like amazon, Flipkart Affiliate.

6.  Email marketing: 
we all know what email marketing, sending email for the purpose of selling.

7. Viral marketing:
Viral marketing refers to get a massive amount of traffic on your page with a funny, trendy post.viral marketing is not really help to increase your sale, but it’s really a cup of tea for you if you’re a blogger.

8.website development and design/ App development:-
website development and design is not directly part of digitally marketing but for digitally marketing first you should be required a landing page, there your selling your product and service, so for creating a landing page you need website development and design skills.

digital marketing job opportunities:-

1.SEO Executive/ SEO Manger:-
responsibility: get free traffic from search engine to business page.
the skill required: SEO expert, content writing, keyword research.

2.Social media marketing expert:-
responsibility:-Drive traffic from social media to business.
the skill required: Social media marketing expert, communication skills, research.

3.Content Marketing Manager/Executive:-
responsibility: writing a quilty content, fulfil the client requirement with content.
the skill required: language expert(writing), keywords research.

4.Search Engine Marketer/PPC:-
responsibility: represent the business with paid Ad, analyse conversation.
the skill required: PPC job directly dealing in money, so you should require experience in your PPC field, ROI(return of investment expert).

5. Conversion Rate Optimizer:
(The skill of increasing the conversion ratio with each stage of the marketing funnel is the job of a conversion rate optimizer.)

if you want to become you, own boss, then you can join freelance programs.lot of the website offers freelance work like freelance .com, upwork.com etc.

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