Tradition marketing vs Digital marketing


Traditional marketing

there are many types of tradition marketing like a business card, newspaper, magazines, poster, tv & radio ads, billboards and etc.


  • Most of the peoples are still like to read newspaper & magazine it’s always in trends.
  • tradition marketing methods easy to target local area audience.
  • easy to understanding.
  • face to face marketing is more effective.
  • easy to the understanding of customer behaviour.
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  • high cost.
  • required more manpower.
  • can’t monitor your customers.
  • slow process less effective.

Digital marketing

digital marketing includes things like social marketing, website & blogs, youtube videos and display marketing.


  • cast effectively: online promotion is really cheaper than traditions.
  • easy to track your customers.
  • content is more effective compared to newspaper & magazines.
  • quick growth is possible with digital marketing.
  • you can do all work with your computer no need to go out.
  • platform to create new ideas.


    • there are several customers still not friendly with the internet.
    • the rural area customers still not aware of the internet.
    • spamming/cyber crime is one of the first challenges you can face online.
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